General Wellbeing

There are five key things that matter most when it comes to your well being and keeping your body in good condition.

Sleep:  This amount can vary from person to person, but at least 7 hours is recommended by most health care specialists.  It's the time your body and your mind needs to recuperate, relax, reenergise and get you ready for the next day.  

Nutrition:  What you fuel your body with matters, but it's also how much you eat that is crucial to your over all wellbeing.  Fact is, globally humans are now more overweight than ever before.  We simply eat too much, and poorly (e.g. sugar, sodium, fat intake).  Take smaller portion sizes, eat slower and sit at a table when eating to get into healthy habits.

Air:  Do you know why mid afternoon everyone starts to yawn in the office?  That's your brain telling you that it's not getting enough oxygen.  Covering at least 10,000 steps daily (roughly 7km), hitting the gym, going for a run, being part of a sports team - these things contribute to you moving, getting outside and inhaling the air.  When we get stress we tense our shoulders, which pulls into our chest and can lead to shallow breathing and chronic aches and pains.  Getting outside during your lunch break, and finding time to breathe in and out deeply play a huge importance to your wellbeing, as we all need oxygen to live.

Water:  Our daily intake should be between 2 and 3 litres, which can be daunting at the beginning.  But once you get into the routine of sipping throughout the day and staying away from sugary drinks, or too many coffees or teas (all of which dry you out), you will find that your body adjusts quickly.  Vegetables can also contribute to your daily water intake.  

Stress:  Find 5-10 minutes a day that are yours entirely.  That are silent, where you can switch off, not look at a cellphone or a screen, not be something for someone else.  Give yourself that time to breathe deep, reflect and clear your mind.  Burn out is becoming more common, and we need to take time for ourselves to just de-stress and re-focus.