A guide to the different types of massage

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

This type of massage is great to release superficial tension and boost circulation.  It uses long gliding strokes, such as effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration in circular motions to work on the shallow tension within the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is great for chronic tensions as it goes into the deeper layers of the muscles. It’s more intense, and works on increasing the range of movement within joints.  This is great for problems such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome or osteoarthritis and uses friction to work into the grain of the muscle.

Sports Massage

Sports massage addresses aches that come about via repetitive motions, and works on quicker recovery, and quicker healing time from injury.  These types of massages are more vigorous and cover larger areas.

Pregnancy Massage

This is softer than normal, but is all about making you feel good.  It can help with depression, anxiety and insomnia, and pains that occur from going through early stages right until the end of your pregnancy.  Certain areas must be avoiding due to potentially causing early onset labour, though in the last trimester these points may be stimulated to get things going.


Suction cups applied to areas to loosen muscles, enhance blood flow and sedate the nervous system.  It works well to relieve back and neck pain, high blood pressure, stiff muscles and a variety of other pains and aches.

Soft tissue release

This is where pressure is applied to a spot within the muscle to create tension, and then taking that muscle to a pain free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres.  It can be used for chronic treatments, pre and post race treatment and also to increase mobility within the joints through stretching fascia, tendons and ligaments.

Trigger Point Massage

Pressure is applies to a very specific spot within the muscles to trigger that same muscle to release.  Particularly helpful for chronic issues such as sciatica, rotator cuff problems, any joint issues, plantar fascinates.  Usually more painful.

Indian Head Massage

This increases oxygen to the scalp to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck.  It can help with migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression, restlessness, insomnia or to rid of you that kink in your neck.